Birds or Prey – Photography just for fun.

After my initial attempts photographing birds a couple of weeks ago I’ve been looking forward to some more down time so I could get out and photograph some more. I decided to visit a local bird of prey centre to make the chances of finding birds better…… if I didn’t find any at the centre I think that classes as false advertising. It wasn’t as large as I expected but I was blown away by these amazing creatures, simply stunning, especially a couple of times when one literally flew inches over my head and I could feel the air move…. fantastic!

I’ve kept most of the shots here to birds in action but couldn’t resist including the face of a snowy owl which I thought was cute.

I expect with this being the quiet season for weddings that I will have a bit more time to get out and photograph some more birds, I want to find some good locations for birds of prey in nature now so will be on the hunt for some good locations.

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