Hi, I’m Mark, a Plymouth based photographer with a general love of most things photographic.

I spent the first part of photographic life shooting sports as I just love capturing the energy and action in a single frame. My next challenge began in 2007 when I started to photograph weddings, there are many similarities between sports and weddings as both are fast paced, exciting, fun and you have try to capture that emotion, enjoyment and love in a still photograph.

In 2010 I lived in Egypt for just under a year so that I could be closer to my fiancee (now wife). During this time I was able to learn more than I have in any other year photographically. I was taken out of my normal wedding photography comfort zone due to the very different culture, the language barrier and having to deal with heat and humidity.

Every year I try to push the standard of my work, taking time out to learn and improve whilst still maintaining the fun that I have on every shoot.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information about me photographing your special day.


Plymouth Wedding Photographer

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